How to be able to Resurface The Hardwood Surfaces – Sandless Way of Wood Flooring Restoration


If the hardwood surfaces have misplaced their glow, started to have surface scuffs and also scratches, or merely need several cleaning and sprucing up then sandless resurfacing could be just things you need. This method works for many types regarding hardwood surfaces including; solid not finished (floors that have been finished about site), solid pre done (floors that have been purchased previously finished in the factory), and also engineered timber floors. With regards to the type regarding wood flooring you might have this process may differ a tad.

I will take care of the necessary steps per type regarding flooring.

* Bona brand name “Prep” or perhaps Basic Coatings brand “Tycote” (they’re etching remedies that aid ensure a fresh coating can bond in your floors : note: only necessary for pre done solid or perhaps pre done engineered surfaces)

* Any wood flooring finish which is compatible with all the etch merchandise; if you might be getting the particular Bona merchandise I’d advise Bona Targeted traffic HD end or Bona Woodline end, or in the event you get the essential Coatings Tycote, I’d personally recommend their particular Street Boot Finish.

* Flooring Buffer – It is possible to rent any floor stream at practically any application rental retailer and with some home improvement stores. If you might have never ran a regular buffer you could consider finding a square stream as these kinds of vibrate as opposed to oscillate.

* Hoover – I would recommend one using a soft bristle or perhaps soft sensed brush.

* MicroFiber Airborne dirt and dust Mop

* Applicator – I would recommend an 18″ t-bar type application created by Duratool. Lambswool software, and more compact nap color rollers also can work because of this.

* Remember to brush – I prefer the memory foam style 3-4″ extensive brushes.

* Stream Pad : White Parts (1-2) also offered by tool local rental store (further red or perhaps maroon pad when you have pre done engineered or perhaps pre done solid surfaces)

* Sanding Display screen 150 or perhaps 220 determination – They’re also bought at tool local rental stores or perhaps online. An alternate to they’re Norton brand name sand money buffer parts.


First thing you’ll might like to do is prep the room you are carrying out. You’ll desire to remove almost all furniture and any items which can be on the particular floors you are carrying out. It’s also best if you use several painters recording to tape over baseboards, and to be able to tape away from adjoining surfaces/floors that you would like to guard. You might also want to hang up several plastic motion picture in doorways to aid contain the particular dust developed. You’ll also desire to clean the particular floors and be sure that there are usually no items of debris as these items could acquire caught beneath the buffer and also scratch the particular floors.


After prepping the room now you must to powerful the surfaces. Take the particular white stream pad and devote on underneath of the particular buffers push head. Then set the sanding screen beneath the white sleeping pad (the particular screen is what you would like to become touching a floor). Now commence the stream and transferring a forward and backward motion buff on the floors wanting to go with all the grain with the wood. Make an effort to cover each inch with the floors well.

After buffing the particular floors now you would like to take any used little bit of the sanding display screen and casually hand mud in aspects of the floor the buffer probably would not reach for instance corners, beneath cabinets, beneath radiators and so forth. This is merely to furthermore etch the outer lining of these kinds of areas also.

The alternative will vary somewhat good type regarding flooring you might have.

If you might have pre done flooring, the next thing you should do is to be able to buff the particular floors once more. This time you would like to use merely the reddish or maroon stream pad. Now what you will do can be a wet or perhaps damp buffing. You would like to mist a number of the Bona Prepare of Simple Coatings Tycote onto a floor using any spray jar. This step is always to etch the surface of the floors and to make sure that a fresh coating can bond for the coating which is on the particular factory done floor merchandise. You’ll might like to do this well to make sure you get every inch with the floors understanding that every inch posseses an etched or perhaps dull type of look with it. You’ll even desire to take an item of the stream pad and acquire into the particular corners as well as other tight spots the buffer probably would not reach.

(take note: you are able to use this stage on timber floors that have been site done too, especially when you have any doubts of a new coating staying with the present finish you might have or when you have used virtually any wax centered cleaners or perhaps refreshing products which can be wax based while they can stop new coatings from staying with the surfaces)


After an individual complete the particular buffing area of the project, now you would like to clean the particular floors well. You’ll desire to vacuum the particular floors effectively and next dust clean them effectively.


Once you’ve cleaned the particular floors, now you’re willing to apply the particular coating(azines). Follow the particular manufactures guidelines for how much square toes of insurance coverage per gallon. Apply the final with the particular grain making use of whatever form of application you found. Be sure to be effective in parts.

Let Dried up

After you might have applied the particular coating today you’ll only want to wait the particular manufacturers advised dry moment before walking around the floors. You will find this around the finish box. Then you need to wait the particular manufacturers advised time regarding curing just before putting furniture back in place.

Duplicate if Wanted

If you want you can even buff a floor again and also apply a 2nd, or 1 / 3 coating regarding added defense. I advise buffing right after each coating using a 220 determination sanding display screen and following all the instructions besides using the particular etching goods as they’ll not be necessary once a single coating will be applied.

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