How to plan a contemporary sleeping area with modern Italian furniture


Italian handicraft is well-known worldwide. From the textile to furniture industry, Italian products are considered as symbols of quality and panache due to the high-level raw materials, and the constant dialogue between past and present, carried on by R&D experts that always look for innovations in product design and finishing.

Every item is something like a work of art. This is the reason why people all around the world choose modern italian furniture for their houses.

Italian style is unique. For example, let’s think about the sleeping area.

The Japanese-style bedroom is simple and sober, while the French-style one is extremely small and concentrates a few elements and complements in a small space. The Italian-style bedroom is rich in furnishing items. Each one of these styles expresses the identity and the lifestyle of a population.

Bed, night tables, wardrobe and drawer chest, are the main elements of the classic Italian style bedroom, even if modern Italian furnitures include a wide range accessories and options in order to optimize spaces, to answer contemporary lifestyle needs, and to make the sleeping area a cozy place devoted to relax, too.

In this guide we would like to provide you some tips and ideas about how to design and organize your bedroom according to modern Italian furniture styles and models.

The Italian style walk-in closet

Italians are masters of Fashion and they also love to dress well and the way they organize their bedrooms tells a lot about this passion. I fact, many contemporary flats or large houses allow to create a walk-in closet next to the main bedroom. The walk-in closet is an independent room completely devoted to clothes, shoes and accessories storage.

The walk-in closet was made to elevate the concept for the sleeping area so, it is not only the place where you can storage everything you want, but it is also the place where to feel good. The Italian-style walk-in closet looks like a high-level fashion store. What makes the difference are the precious finishes made with glass, metal or wood, and the large-scale modularity that allow you to organize the spaces according to your needs.

You can choose between several accessories and options such as  pull-out shoe racks, trouser units, drawers with wood or glass front, trays, shirt units.

A walk-in closet made by the masters of Italian furniture makers is a customized solution that talks about you.

The Italian style bed

The standard dimension of an Italian style bed are 160cm width and 190cm length. However, you can opt for a larger solution if you need to organize a bigger sleeping area. In fact, Italian style beds can reach 180cm width and 220cm length. These are the so called “over-size beds”, and they are usually provided with an imposing headboard, so that you can set the bed in the middle of the room to give it a touch of elegance and modernity.

Italian style beds are equipped with coordinated night tables. Usually, they are two, identical pieces with one drawer.

These complements are going to disappear in the most modern bedrooms, and new types of different and unpaired bedsides are taking their place, such as shelves and storage units located behind the headboard, where you can store books, accessories and anything else you want.

The bed, is evolving in a more functional item devoted to carry out different activities, such as reading, watching tv or working, and it is no longer simply a place of rest.

Modern Italian furniture are changing the way we live to sleeping area.

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