3 Subtle Things Clients Really Do Notice About Your Business


A business is about a service or product, right? Customers shouldn’t care about the office’s setup or little nuances about the establishment. After all, those don’t really impact the workers knowledge or effort. This mentality just isn’t right. Many patrons do care about their physical observations and early interactions. It’s part of human nature to judge certain traits and then pass those thoughts back to the overall organization; therefore, it would benefit business owners to notice surroundings, especially the following three things. 

1. Exterior Maintenance

Perception has a major impact. What people’s eyes see gets interpreted quickly. When potential patrons pull into the lot, they take in the paint job, bushes and sign. The brain begins to ponder the aesthetics. Is the color appealing? Are plants taken care of? Does the building appear sound? Problems in these areas become turn offs, implying that the establishment doesn’t have the funding or interest in doing its best. Invest in a good commercial landscaping Rocklin CA company to maintain the outside. The right look could create smiles and a better impression.

2. The Bathroom Floor

Not everyone uses the restroom when visiting. Those that do don’t want to feel gross. Dirty, stained tile could cause someone to lose interest. Put together a schedule for regular cleaning, and have someone check this space throughout the day. Toilet paper should not be left on the floor, and if there is a problem, remedy it quickly.

3. The Receptionist’s Attitude

The front desk is the introduction to how your place functions. The person sitting at the desk should greet consumers politely and enthusiastically. The employee should almost always smile, stay calm and demonstrate patience. Gruff approaches could evoke disgust, encouraging customers to go elsewhere.

While you may be the best in the business, your facility also must reflect that as well. People see things you may not, so pay close attention to even the most minuscule detail. 

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