Graffiti Is Art And Here Are 5 Reasons To Fall In Love With It


Whenever we pass by a beautifully painted wall on the street, we end up either smiling and admiring it or making a disgusting remark about public property vandalism. With such contrasting perceptions about street art and graffiti, it’s difficult to interpret it as an art form. Is graffiti and street art really art?

After all, what is art? Isn’t art something that is creative and thought provoking, an expression of one’s emotions? Aren’t the cave paintings of prehistoric times also essentially graffiti? Not convinced? Here are five reasons to fall for street art.

  1. Thought Provoking – The moment we see some abstract art on a wall, doesn’t it make you think, who did this? Why? What does this mean? What is it trying to convey? Most street art is done by artists who wish to express their views about society, politics, current events. This sort of artwork speaks volumes. It inspires people to think about the issues surrounding them. It starts a conversation and becomes a topic of discussion.
  2. Spreads Happiness – Not all graffiti is loaded with political or social statements. There are plenty of street art that has vibrant colors and some comic comment on it, which makes us smile during our busy lives. A blast of vibrant colors on a wall that spreads joy instantly is a mood elevator. After all, it turns the old and boring into something interesting and lively.
  3. Freedom and Diversity – Street art is truly democratic as it gives the freedom to the artist to express one’s view freely and openly. Most of the graffiti artists have hidden identities, which makes it easy for them to express themselves. Have you ever noticed the variety of art that graffiti artists use? Variety not just in terms of color mediums, but the multitudes of cultures and styles exposed in a single work.
  4. Interact or Play With Perception – Have you checked out the recent 3D street art? If you haven’t, you should and you will know instantly what I mean. 3D art is seriously changing our notions of perception. For example, there are pictures of a cliff and valley painted in 3D on various streets. It is highly realistic and we almost feel like we are part of it when we walk on this 3D art. It gives us a sense of falling into the deep valley. Now that is truly an incredible experience.
  5. Great Interior Decor – Graffiti work has become so popular that photographs of renowned street art is used as part of the interior design of cafes, hotels, restaurants and even homes. Better still, some people prefer to invite graffiti artists over to live paint their café interior walls. This certainly makes an interesting place to sit, eat and socialize.

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