Moving Preparation Tips


Preparing for a move can be incredibly intimidating. Whether moving from one apartment to another within city limits or planning to move to a home across state lines, moving involves many (often exhausting) moving parts. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ease the stress and make a move as seamless as possible. Check out these tips for residential moving.


Before even thinking about boxing anything up, one of the most helpful steps can be getting rid of as many things as possible. Doing a full-scale cleanse of household items, clothing, and appliances will save time and energy immensely in the long run. Consider the things that would be easier to discard and purchase anew after moving into the new place: inexpensive kitchen and bathroom supplies, obsolete chargers and cables, and printer paper (if cheap) are all items that are easily replaceable. Also, be honest with yourself regarding which of your furniture will fit in your new home.

Keep Boxes Light and Labeled

You’re bound to make moving exceptionally more difficult if your boxes are too heavy to lift. Only put as much in each box as you’re physically able to carry, and write down what you place in each box (a general category is fine, e.g. “toys”), as well as what room the items are from. To further make your boxes distinct, try sealing them with different tape colors. If you’re worried about spending too much on boxes, fret not, as there are many ways to obtain boxes for free.

Wrap Delicate Items Carefully

Chances are you’ve heard the story a million times: a person opens their boxes after moving only to find their priceless vases, statues, and so forth are broken. Bubblewrap is a tried and true protection method, but even items around the house like towels, sheets and blankets can provide adequate protection. Sturdy shoeboxes and even Happy Meal boxes can be great for smaller items.

There’s no need to panic when getting ready to move. With this simple advice, switching homes can become a significantly easier process.

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