Reasons why you need to always filter your drinking water


Water is a basic necessity of life and all of us are entitled to have access to clean water. That said, it is easier said than done. Most of us don’t have access to clean water and needless to say, using dirty water for drinking, cooking, bathing or even washing can seriously affect our health.

Even if you have access to clean tap water, it is important to filter your drinking water using puretec water filters to reduce any risk of getting sick as clean water may contain traces of chlorine, lead and harmful bacteria.

Here are a few reasons why you should filter your drinking water.

It Reduces Your Risk of Getting Sick

If you have access to clean tap water, it is always recommended that you filter out your drinking water and the water you use for cooking and washing. The reason is that even if you are getting clean tap water, it still passes through pipelines from where it can pick up contaminants including chlorine, ammonia, lead, bacteria, pesticides and waste particles.

Though this water is disinfected and purified as it reaches you, it is not 100% and may still contain traces of contaminants. In order to reduce your risk of getting sick, it is better to use a water filter. Keep in mind that chlorine and ammonia that are commonly used to disinfect water are well-known carcinogens. So using a water filter also reduces your risk of carcinogenic contamination.

It is Light on Your Pocket!

One of the options to get access to pure and clean water is to drink bottled water but this can put a dent on your pocket in the long run. Furthermore, using bottled water adds to waste and increases your carbon footprint.

On the other hand, getting a water filter system installed may seem expensive and cumbersome at that time but it is a one-time expense which can last for long. It requires minimum maintenance and is also eco-friendly. Using puretec water filters also reduces your carbon footprint.

Quality of Water is Increased

Using a water filter increases the quality and longevity of water. We may not have given it much thought but unfiltered water actually becomes foul over a period of time. This gives a weird taste to water and occurs as a result of decaying of contaminants within the water. Filtration removes these contaminants and thus increases the quality of water.

Filtered Water Equals Cleaner Air

As mentioned earlier on, filtration process removes contaminants from the water particularly chlorine. Chlorine is used in the purification process and long-term exposure to chlorine can have hazardous effects. Chlorine in water is vaporized and can lead to respiratory illnesses over a period of time. Removing chlorine from water removes vaporized chlorine from your household and ensures a cleaner and better environment. Puretec water filters make sure that water is totally free of contaminants by the time you drink it!

Filtered Water is Best for Your Digestive System

Our digestive system functions well if clean and fresh water is available. Filtered water ensures that metabolism is not compromised and all the toxins are completely flushed out from our body. Starting the day with a glass of filtered, warm water kick-starts our digestive system and makes sure that it functions properly throughout the day.

The Health of Your Loved Ones is Your Responsibility So Don’t Skimp and Invest in A Good Water Filter System!

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