The Three Greatest Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep


While it seems only natural to non-insomniacs, sleep is humanity’s greatest tool for restoring our bodies and minds. Lacking proper sleep, the brain and body become sluggish, eventually turning even simple tasks into epic struggles. With this kind of trouble, wouldn’t you try anything to put your sleep cycle on track?

Soothe Your Body

You may be mentally prepared for sleep, but physical hassles can still have you tossing and turning all night. Some rooms are too hot or too cold for comfortable sleeping. Before you crawl under the sheets, taking a shower can adjust your core temperature to a cozy sleeping level.

Sometimes, it’s not the room, but the bed. There’s nothing worse than a lumpy mattress, or one so spent that you can feel your bed springs poking through. Purchasing a new mattress, though, is both pricey and dicey. While more expensive, even over other mattresses, a memory foam mattress Ladson, which conforms to your body’s precise contours, is a smart investment in your nighttime comfort.

Ease Your Mind

Only during deep sleep can our minds finally filter away the day’s detritus. With random thoughts racing through your head, however, you’ll have a hard time falling asleep in the first place. You should do all you can to clear your brain before bed.

Start winding down in the evening well before hitting the sack. Create a pre-bedtime routine to get yourself ready. Have a cup of cocoa, indulge in a little light reading or peaceful meditation, or invent your own relaxation rituals.

Call Your Doctor

Insomnia itself sometimes isn’t the issue, but a symptom of some larger disorder. Sleep troubles can come with a host of conditions, including circadian rhythm disorders, sleep apnea, menopause and depression. If, after changing your habits, you still can’t sleep, or you suspect bigger problems at play, see your MD ASAP. A physician can make a professional diagnosis, or at least prescribe medication to help you sleep.

Lack of sleep can literally drive us insane. We must do whatever it takes to achieve our required rest. Good luck, and goodnight.

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