Top Tips When Looking Around a House


When you are purchasing a house, your head is probably full of solicitor’s fees, local estate agents and trying to find house survey information by looking for all the latest information about house surveys. But the main focus in all of this is the hunt for your dream home.

The ideal home can vary wildly from person to person – for example a rural retreat in the middle of the countryside can be idyllic to some people but to people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban life, it would fill them with horror!

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Whatever sort of property you are looking for, here are some tips for when you are looking around for your perfect home…

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Use your nose as well as your eyes – When selling a house, a seller is not legally obligated to tell you if there are any problems – and often may try to cover them up. When in the house, try to see if you can detect any smells that would ring alarm bells such as mould, damp or sewerage problems.

Take your time with the viewing – It is recommended that you spend around 30 minutes looking around a house so that you can give your brain a chance to take it all in, as well as being able to get a really good feel for the place.

Do more than one viewing – Going back and looking again enables you to look again at potential problems or to notice things that you would not have noticed in the first viewing.

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