Dreamy Boho Room Decor Ideas

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Love the Boho mood? Learn to quickly mix and match colors, textures and patterns and a free-spirit fashion to decorate your bedroom or living room. With the use of recycled furniture, a combination of natural elements with function and spice up the bohemian twist to it – your creativity is limitless. Let’s enhance our creativity and resourcefulness in transforming our dull room into a mirror of our persona. Check the following bohemian decoration ideas and create your very own eclectic, artistic and exciting indoor abyss today.

Get Inspired by Nature

Nature is always a great inspiration for home decor and interior design ideas, other than the calmness and serenity that goes with it. Nature can also awaken our inner artist.

Turn your living room into one full of nature-inspired and eclectic spirit décors. Earthy tones will be a great canvas wall. Try placing a mixture of prints around the room and some floral rugs for that effect. Better yet fill your wall with a gallery of flying birds to boost up the boho theme. Finish with a plant inside the room could be Fiddle Leaf Figs or cacti for a dramatic focal point.

Crystal Pieces

What is boho without some glam? Mix some crystals and agate pieces to add to the bedroom’s texture. Spark interest to each of the room’s angle by accessorizing with gems. You can have some DIY hanging crystal project to start off or get a Himalayan salt lamp to do the trick. These little things bring in a bit of uniqueness and beautiful colors which is a perfect match in your rooms bold aura.

According to the Western Astronomy, and most of the Chinese Beliefs, Crystals were also known to contain energy and luck. If we place these small charmers on the right spot, then they might give us good fortune for the new year.

A Feminine Touch

A bohemian styled bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean no femininity mixed in. Pinks and purple usually do the trick. Dress up your bed with oversized bedding, layers of blankets, and rows of pillows with different colors. You can still bring in a touch of femininity in your lair. Add a tinge of delicacy to the room and sprinkle some coral or keep the cream as a foundation.

You can also add some dreamcatcher bring back the child in you. These crafty accessories not only add a story to tell in your room but also come in handy in swaying those nightmares away.

Mix in Some Lights

Boho décor style is all about the little details. Could be tons of candles or fairy lights.

Consider these small details and bring your room to life with lights in the area. If possible, mix different kinds of lightings. Lighting can bring magic to your room, not only it changes the entire ambiance of the place but also affects the mood of the person inside.

Try a mixture of different lightings and combine romantic indoor lamps, natural sunlight and industrial pendants. It will set the mood and enhance your room’s interest. There are a lot of beautiful pendant lightings available in online stores.

Get those filigree lanterns that make lighting indirect, flickering, warm and filtered.

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