How To Keep A Garden Landscape Stunning At Night

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A lot of homeowners take their time and put effort when selecting plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees that would make up their gardens. Everyone wants their home and landscaping to appear beautiful and inviting. Most of the times we tend to forget that the moment evening comes, and the sun goes down, the beauty of the landscaping disappears. Such an investment should be in use till its optimum. What we can do is, use different lights accordingly to get that stunning garden look at night.


Setting A Different Appeal From The Rest

Below are some landscaping tips for achieving that stunning and cozy ambiance for the garden.

  1. Never settle for those randomly placed solar lights.

Most people automatically install solar light fixtures along the walkway of their homes. Some already think this is “landscape lighting,” when it so much more in reality. In this topic right now landscape lighting will need a combination of lighting styles and types to be able to turn the garden into something magical at night.

  1. Ensuring the basic coverage.

Before setting up your lighting objectives, it is a must that the following components of your garden or yard are part of the lighting design process, and they would be the highlights of the project.

  • The entryways, driveways, and pathways
  • Unique Architectural Components
  • Water features
  • Steps
  • Patios
  • Trees
  1. Use multiple tactics for more visual variety and interest

There are three options in which the garden can achieve illumination, and they are; (accent lighting) use of lighting to highlight a unique architectural object, (task lighting) use of lighting for a specific purpose, (overall lighting) use of lighting to light up the entire garden. Combining and using multiple tactics can create a more fuller feel of the garden.

  1. Choose Lighting Wattage that can accentuate your garden space.

Installing the right lighting wattage for your garden project can have that dramatic effect with the garden lighting. Stay away from high-wattage lights or bulbs as they create that glaring feel and choose lower wattage bulbs instead to have a softer feel which is best at night.

Outdoor Lighting For That Stunning Garden Look

We take a look at the following popular on-trend ideas and apply it to create that wow factor for the garden once the sun goes down.

  • Fairy Lights and Festoon Lighting– This two light fixtures both make it as essential features in giving the garden a more enticing feel. They will perfectly fit in as a perfect lining for the garden or just by hanging them on the trees within. Both the fairy lights and the festoon lights give off a soft warm glow. On top of that, they look amazing no matter what size of a garden you have, it will still create that cozy atmosphere feel.
  • Lanterns– this is one of the trends that never go out of style. It is a favorite from season to season, they are used out in the patios as a decorative accent not only to brighten up the garden but they also at times become the centerpiece of the whole garden design. The choices are broad and plenty when it comes to style and even on how it operates either by LED or by candles.

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  • Highlighting Borders -Now, this is where rope lighting comes in. Draw attention to the borders of your garden to add a more comprehensive look to your garden. The installation of LED rope lighting on the edges of your border will do the job. It will illuminate and create a dramatic feature of your pathways.
  • Ground Lights – using low-level cross-lighting can draw attention to the texture of your garden lawn. Then combine it with downlights on features, defining pathways with LED strips, perk up the ambiance with fairy lights and lanterns. Make sure to balance everything in the garden to avoid lighting it up Blackpool Illuminations.
  • Use lights to enhance features– Every garden has a focal point; it is imperative to identify which is the best one. It can be a huge tree, the birdbath, a marble figure, or even some unique rock formation. Bringing focus to a key feature with the use of strategic lighting can help make the garden achieve a well thought of look. That can get passersby to admire your garden in an instant. Well-Situated lighting can accentuate certain parts of the garden giving it character but keeping everything else seamless.
  • Solar Lights– Solar lights are great alternatives for lighting. The advantage is that it is both functional and decorative when in use for pathways and borders. Also, they are quick to install and are low maintenance. Solar lamps are energy efficient which saves homeowners a huge amount of money in the long run.
  • Creating Layers– layers or layering does not only apply in fashion or for fashion designers only. Professional garden landscapers can go on and on about how essential doing layers are in a garden. Bringing all the in trend ideas above in a well-thought plan will give you the upper hand to carefully manipulate the aesthetics of your outdoor lighting houston and space. It is imperative to create a contrast between light and dark to put emphasis or give illusions on the space surrounding your garden accordingly.

Reminders To Note When Installing Outdoor Lights

A key reminder is that if the garden lighting that you are installing will have 120-volt lighting. Such types of garden lights must come encased in conduit to prevent water from damaging the wiring. It will require you a licensed electrician for the electrical components installation for 120-volt lighting.

Be ready when add-on for costs of labor will arise especially with regards to the electrical components. On a lighter note, if you have low-voltage outdoor lighting, this can be easily do-it-yourself.

Altogether, Achieving A Stunning Garden Look At Night is achievable. Understanding the things that can set your garden apart and application of observed trends in outdoor lighting will help you achieve a fantastic garden look at night. Now not only do a homeowner get a stunning garden during the day, but it also resonates even at night.







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