How to make a dark bedroom brighter

The bedroom is one of the most underestimated domestic environments even if it plays a very important role for the well-being of the whole family. Surely, it is not the main room of the house but a bright and comfortable bedroom can get better the lifestyle of the people living there.

Certainly, this is the place where the day begins and ends too, so it is important that the night area is as comfortable as possible starting with the light diffusion.

If you have a very dark bedroom due to a little window or a bad exposure to natural light,

let’s read our suggestions and find out some simple solutions to make the bedroom brighter.

Spot lighting distribution

First of all it is necessary to well locate the spot lighting in the room.

If you have a dark bedroom probably you have a little window in the room or no window at all. So, you cannot benefit from the natural light of the sun but you need to locate in the right zones of the room some artificial light sources.

Avoid installing a chandelier in the center of the room but prefer to distribute the light sources in different areas of the space, especially where you will need them. If you install a chandelier in the center of the ceiling it will illuminate very well the surrounding area but not all the room.

For example, it will be useful to have a spot lighting above the headboard, in case you want to read during a rainy day. But you may also need a light source above the mirror, near the door or even inside the wardrobe.

Home furnishings

The choice of the bedroom furniture can effect on the brightness of the room too. Dark colors are not recommended because they give a gloomy look to the interiors. Instead, prefer the lighter colors from white to ivory, bright shades of grey and soft pastel tones.

If you are looking for a new wardrobe don’t worry about the size. Even if it is very large and occupies an entire wall, you can choose from a wide range of modern wardrobe for bedroom such as models with glass sliding doors or solutions made with reflecting materials such as aluminum or steel.

You can also put some mirrors on the wall in order to amplify the light diffusion in the space.

Wall colors

At least, don’t forget to choose the right house painting.

If you like the strong tonalities such as the most recent Pantone colors palette, you can opt for the two-tone walls. The ideal solution is to paint the wall behind the bed with strong shades in order to create a color contrast. Instead, you can paint the surfaces where the natural or artificial light beats with pastel tonalities or simply white vernice. It will reflect the light amplifying it in the space.

It is not so hard to make more livable your house!