How to Tell When It Is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

It doesn’t matter who we are, when we own a home, we don’t like it when a repair is necessary. That being said, there are some repairs that are relatively easy to manage and others that can be difficult. That is also true of the price, and when it comes to replacing the air-conditioning unit, it tends to be at the top of both of those lists. That is why it is important for you to understand a little more about the process and how exactly to tell when the air conditioner needs to be replaced.

First of all, it’s important to understand that not every repair on an air-conditioning unit is going to require a complete replacement. In fact, in most cases, it is possible to repair the unit and to experience the cold air inside of your home once again. When the compressor breaks down or when there are other serious problems with the unit, however, you may just find that replacing it is the best choice, and sometimes, the only choice. In addition, you will find that replacing your AC unit with a more efficient model will help you to save money on energy.

The following are some of the things to consider when deciding whether to replace your air conditioner or not. Some of them are going to be a definite replacement, and others may require some repair in order to limp along until replacement is a good idea.

Consider the Age of the Air Conditioner

One of the most important factors in determining if it is necessary to replace the AC is the age of the unit itself. Generally speaking, an older unit is going to be a much better choice for a replacement than a newer unit. You need to think about how much you are going to spend in comparison with the benefits you will get out of it. For example, an expensive repair bill on a unit that is 10 years old will not likely pay off in the long run. Consider the possibility that a repair may help you to get another year or two out of the unit. It might be able to save you a more expensive bill.

Consider the Refrigerant

If it is necessary to top off the refrigerant in your air-conditioning unit, it means that there is a leak that may need repairing. The refrigerant in the air conditioner is not going to evaporate or disappear over time. AC units are sealed so if there is any drop in the refrigerant, it means that a leak is present. If you have an older unit that still uses R-22, it can be expensive to top things off, fix the leak and pay for the service call. This price is likely to continue to rise.

Have You Thought about the Energy Efficiency?

If you have an older AC unit, it is unlikely that it is highly efficient. You are probably spending a lot more every month than is necessary to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In order to determine if it is a good idea to replace the unit to boost the energy efficiency, you may need to sharpen your pencil. Many of the new AC units will last for a very long time and will save you money every month. Then again, if you find that you can repair the unit and use it for a while longer, it may be a choice worth considering.

It Is No Longer Cooling the Home Efficiently

This is an important consideration because you want to ensure that you are comfortable in your home, especially considering you’re paying to run the air-conditioning unit on a regular basis. When the AC unit gets older or if it is undersized, you might find that it is not able to keep up with the temperature outdoors. Replacing the unit with a more efficient model and one that matches the size of your home can go a long way in helping you to be comfortable and even spending less money at the same time.

Do You Have Hot/Cold Spots?

Although there may be a number of issues that can lead to hot or cold spots in the home, it might be a matter of the air-conditioning unit not functioning properly. Have a technician out to your home to test this possibility and they can give you a quote on repairing or replacing the unit as needed.

Is the AC Breaking down Often?

Do you find that you are constantly calling the technician to come out and repair the unit? This can be a very expensive endeavor and one that you would want to avoid. If you find that you are calling the technician too frequently, it may just be time to bite the bullet and get the job done.

Is the Unit Not Working?

Quite honestly, if the AC unit is not working and it is not blowing cold air (or blowing any air), it may just be time for you to have the unit replaced altogether. Some AC units are just too old or too broken to be repaired in the first place. If you find yourself in this situation, you really only have two choices; either have the unit replaced or deal with the hot temperature inside of the home.

The bottom line is, you typically have options when it comes to either repairing or replacing the air-conditioning unit but they are sometimes tough choices to make. It basically is a matter of doing the math and deciding which is better for you. If you find that you are able to save money over time because of the lower energy bills and to save the money that you would have spent on repair costs, it may be an option that you want to consider. As long as you hire a quality and qualified technician to handle the job, and educate you about the r 20 uses and applications you can be happy with your new air conditioner for a very long time to come.