Keeping Your Home Pest Free

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Whether you live in an open rural area or the crowded streets of a major city, you’re susceptible to pest problems in your home. Your risks for insects or mice may vary based on your location and the age of your house. No matter what type of pest you’re trying to avoid, sticking to some helpful habits can protect your home from unwanted visitors year-round.

Start the Season With a Preventative Treatment

To help ensure successful pest management Portland OR, make sure you’re prepared for peak pest seasons by having a preventative treatment applied to the interior and exterior of your home. Talk to a professional about what you need and when to use it to help reduce potential problems. If mice are an issue, have your home treated and ready before the weather turns cold. These pesky intruders tend to seek shelter when it’s chilly. On the other hand, ants are much more active during the warmer months, so spraying during early spring can act as a deterrent.

Sweep or Vacuum High-Traffic Areas Daily

If you frequently see the same pests in your home, chances are they’re finding the food or water they need there to survive. To eliminate potential easy-access food sources, keep your floors and counters clean. Sweep and vacuum daily, especially in high-traffic areas where crumbs and debris can make their way across your house. A robotic vacuum is a great solution for those with busy schedules.

Search for Entry Points in Your Home

Keep an eye out for the entryways pests are using to access your home. Check floors and baseboards for small holes or gaps and seal them up quickly and thoroughly. It’s also the perfect place to set a trap or bait to help eliminate the problem altogether.

You don’t have to live with unwanted vermin or insects in your home. Stick to a schedule of routine maintenance and preventative care to keep pests out.

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