Packing For Your Home Remodel

Home Improvement

There are many things to consider when you are remodeling rooms in your home like contractors and budget. Making sure your belongings are cleared and safe or the area is prepared might be the last thing on your mind. Here are some tips to getting ready before work begins.

Store Extra Items

Pick up some packing boxes st louis then sort through your possessions to see what you will need during the remodel. This is a good time to throw out or donate items. If you have anything of value, document it for your insurance company before you put it into storage. Consume any perishables before the contractors come or use extra soap so you have little to throw away.

Invest In Security

Your contractor might be reputable but you want to be certain your high dollar valuables are secure. Purchase a safe to put things like jewelry, coins, documents, and small items in. When everything is finished with your remodel, change your locks or any passcodes you may have given out.

Keep Track Of Your Paperwork

Keep your contracts and bids in a safe place while work is being done in case you need to refer to them when talking to the contractor. You might consider scanning them and keeping them on a cloud drive or your phone in case you are away from home when you have those conversations. This also gives you a second copy in the event the originals are damaged.

Make Plans For Necessities

Find alternatives for appliances when your kitchen is being redone. Set up a budget for meals out while your stove and refrigerator are shut off. If it is summer, you can also consider grilling out and eating outside. Getting a gym membership will give you access to a shower while your bathroom is being fixed.

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