Repairing Home Issues That May Prevent a Sale

Home Improvement

When it comes time to sell a home, there are many simple, worthwhile upgrades that can help you get a You need to have a better idea of how much you should invest in home fixes and improvements to maximize your opportunities for a sale. Your house may be in need of major repairs that if left unaddressed may jeopardize the sale.

Foundation Issues

Your house’s foundation may experience damage due to soil settlement, temperature changes, weather events and more. Cracks in your walls and flooring and gaps between the wall and ceiling are some common signs that you may have foundation issues. An inspection can confirm the extent of damage. Repair can range anywhere from a couple hundred of dollars to over $10,000s, leaving some to consider selling the property as-is. Foundation problems are often major structural issues that may cause a buyer’s lender to back out. Talk to a provider of foundation repairs to see what your options are.

Heating and Cooling Concerns

In most places, a working heating or cooling system is a necessity. Purchasing a house with no air conditioning in the dead of summer is a non-starter with many buyers. Although replacing a new furnace or AC unit can be very expensive, a professional HVAC repair person may be able to complete less expensive repairs that give your home a passing grade in an inspection.

Mold Damage

Leaky roofs, flooding, faulty plumbing and high indoor humidity are just a few of the many sources of water damage that can lead to mold. When colonies of mold form in your home, they can produce irritants and allergens that can negatively impact breathing and health in addition to yielding a musty odor. You should pay for professional mold cleanup before selling.

When you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s good to prioritize necessary repairs and smart upgrades. While you can attempt to sell your property as-is, there are some major issues that can kill a potential sale. Weigh the cost of repairs vs the cost of not selling carefully.

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