The Beauty and Practicality of Landscape Lighting

Home Improvement

A stunning home deserves to be showcased with beaming lights. However, an order to the placement and brightness of the landscape lighting can make all the difference. With tips of the trade below, you can accomplish successful landscape lighting design St Louis MO.

Where To Begin

There is great pride that accompanies a well-lit home exterior. Start by outlining your ideas on paper. A rough draft can be an effective way to commence your landscape lighting project, as a sketch can allow for organized execution and an overall smooth process to assist in a quicker completion.


“Location is everything” may be a phrase you’ve heard quite often. For landscape lighting design, it rings true. Highlighting certain features of your landscape can be a nice touch, but proper lighting can also help with safety. Placing lights along a pathway can prevent injury and help guests, as well as you or your family, move along with ease. The security that comes from lighting on paths and above your entryway can offer peace of mind, as this illumination may alert you to any unwanted visitors. In addition to lighting the walking areas, a warm, welcoming light as you or your guests arrive up the driveway is something to consider. Especially if your driveway is long, adding illumination can help to prevent any unwanted accidents.


Once you’ve decided on the placement of your landscape lighting, the type of lights are next on the list of things to consider. Light features vary from longevity of life to quality of brightness, so it would behoove you to dive into what type of maintenance, effects and sustainability will suit your needs. Your choices and the direction of the light can set the entire mood for your landscape. It is wise to reference a guide so as to circumvent glare outside and inside the house. Avoiding light pollution will allow you to enjoy the luxury of starry nights.

A well-lit home exterior can offer many benefits. Proper lighting can enhance safety as well as improve the look of your house. Consider placement and light type to get the look you’re after.

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