3 Great Ways to Give Your Business a Successful Curb Appeal Update


All small business owners know that making your commercial property stand out can be quite a challenge. You should know that, just like homes, businesses have curb appeal, too. Here are three ways to give your business a fresh, new look with a curb appeal update.

1. Improve the Landscaping

The addition of landscaping instantly gives your business a more inviting atmosphere. What you’re able to do with your landscaping largely depends upon the amount of green space you have around your commercial property. No matter how large an area you have to landscape, a simple way to add some color and natural charm is to install some planter boxes near your entryway. When filled with low-maintenance annuals, these boxes of blooms will give your business a much cheerier impression.

2. Repair Steps and Walkways

When concrete steps and walkways are in poor condition, they not only pose a potential safety hazard for your employees and customers; they also decrease the overall appearance of the property. The experts in residential and commercial concrete installation Ventura CA will patch and repave areas where necessary, making your property safer and more attractive at the same time.

3. Add New Signage

It’s always a good idea to improve the signage around your business. Signs help new customers find your business and they inform regarding the products or services that your business provides. Consult with a local commercial signage expert to design a sign that attracts attention from potential customers. Make sure your sign is big enough to be visible from the street and incorporate imagery – it makes passersby notice your sign much more than one that only contains text.

Improving curb appeal will enlarge your customer base. Invest in these exterior improvement projects and you’ll give each customer a warm welcome every time.

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