5 Home Improvements to Make Now


There are very few home improvement projects that come with more benefits like a kitchen remodel. A new kitchen will make your home more pleasant and liveable and helps it sell faster when you put it on the market. Besides, HGTV confirms that homeowners can return up to 90% of their investment from a minor kitchen remodel. Improvement projects can be done on a small or larger budget.

Whether you are looking at a minor project or a major overhaul, you need to pay attention to the following areas if you want to succeed.

Kitchen doors

After a remodelling project, any doors that lead into the kitchen might look out of place, for example, when everything else looks new apart from the door. Depending on the kind of decor, you can choose anything from solid wood to glossy finishes from the range of replacement kitchen doors at Kitchen Magic. Click to see more. New doors can make a kitchen look remodelled, thus saving on changing your whole kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets

Of the two main reasons that would prompt you to change the cabinetry, storage space takes the greatest priority. Kitchen cabinets can be replaced or refaced, with replacements being the costly option. A nice paint job can keep them looking as good as new. If your budget allows it, you can reface the cabinets with a new set of doors or laminate veneer. Kitchen magic has a wide selection of replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts at affordable prices. Click to see more.

Kitchen flooring

It is usually better to start on floors so that you can have an easy time installing the cabinets. Kitchen flooring projects can cost as little as £1 per square foot and as high as £30:

● Vinyl floors are the cheapest to install but not the most durable.

● Laminate floors are a cheaper alternative if you want to create the impression of a wooden floor.

● Ceramic tiles are affordable, durable, and easy to clean. They also come in a wide range of styles and colours.

● Cork floors leave a beautiful finish, even though they are highly vulnerable to scratching.

● Wooden floors help to warm up the room, but they can be costly. Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors.

● Carpets help to add some warmth and cosiness to a room. Besides the high cost per square foot, it is always better if laying the carpet is handled by a professional.


You can opt for a cheap countertop that you will replace in future or splurge on a high-end piece that will take you through the years. Tile and laminate tops allow for more colour variations aside from being affordable. The natural patterns on a granite top will give your kitchen an elegant finish that goes with the hefty price tag. Quartz is stain resistant, costly, and durable, just like granite.


If you decide to change the appliances, your chances of getting around the costs could be limited. It would be best if you aimed for quality, energy efficient gadgets that will last through the years. When the costs run too high, you can opt to make gradual replacements, starting with the gear that should go into the fixtures, such as stovetops and cookers.

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