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A cordless drill is an electric drill powered by rechargeable batteries used for drilling holes, fastening or removing screws and bolts, hammering or polishing surfaces etc. The advent has made work a lot easier, faster and more efficient as compared to the use of manual tools that would entail a worker’s brute force to operate. The cordless quality of drills further gives its users greater portability, mobility and motility to operate and work. However, not all cordless drills are the same. They differ in terms of power, size, cost, features, and other concerns which make it hard for people to compare and make a definite conclusion of which is the best. Hence, we examined some cordless drill models and are giving you a list of the best cordless drills of 2018, which you may consider buying depending on your needs, preference, or budget.

Makita XPH012

The Makita XPH012 is an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill that is built with a four-rod electric motor that produces a maximum torque of 480-inch pounds. That’s a lot of power considering its rather minimal voltage. It also comes with a 2-speed design for 400 & 1,500 RPM which you can adjust depending on how much speed you need to drill or drive. It weighs only 4 pounds which is relatively light weight for a power. That’s a lot of relief for workers who renders eight hours of grueling physical labor a day. And finally, it comes in a hand carry kit for better organization and portability.

Black & Decker EPC18CA

The Black & Decker EPC18CA is an 18V power motor drill with 24 torque settings that allows you to do and tackle different jobs. It has a spring loaded battery pack system for fast battery changing, a keyless chuck for fast bit changing, and varying speed adjustment. This 2 kilo light weight tool comes with an on-board bit storage, where you can store drill bits and keep them well within reach if you need to change them. It has a rubber grip to provider operator optimal control and ease of use. And most of all, it is bargain basement priced compared to other brands of the same quality and specifications. This makes it one of the best cordless drills of 2018.

DeWalt DCK211D2T

The DeWalt DCK211D2T is a 10.8V Li-ion Cordless drill, screw and hammer that deliver optimal performance for the average user. Built with dual speed range and long-lasting batteries, this lightweight drill can be used for doing small repairs and other simple projects like making curtain hangers, fixing wooden furniture, or doing troubleshooting small electrical appliances. Its compact design and bag allows for ease of storage and portability. The DeWalt DCK211D2T is an ideal tool for any homeowner who might need tools to conduct simple emergency repairs in their homes. With DIY projects becoming a modern trend, the DeWalt DCK211D2T surely is on the list of best cordless drills. You can often find it for cheap on eBay

Bosch PSR 18

The Bosch PSR 18 is one of the best power home cordless drill tool that has withstand the test of time. It has the customary functionalities that typify the modern cordless drill such as a quick bit change, forward and reverse functionality, multiple torque settings, quick change battery, LED light, comfortable grip, fast charging dock and compact design. These brilliant features and innovations still remain at par with modern standards. The Bosch PSR 18 drill is one of the oldest drill models in the market. It has been introduced way back in 2008 but continues to be one of the top selling and best cordless drill of 2017 for it’s near perfect state-of-the-art features.

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