Gateshead Double Glazing Company – Tips on Why Switch to Double Glazed Windows


Unlike the traditional single-glazed which only have one layer of glass, and usually encased in wood frames, double glazing windows, like what its name suggests, have two layers of glass. They come in different frame materials, from uPVC and aluminum frames to a more traditional timber wooden frame.

Now, we are pretty confident that you already know what double glazed windows are, so, we will not explain what it is and how they work. We will go straight into the reasons why you need to upgrade from a single glazed window into double glazed one is right for you.

There are many reasons why you need to improve your windows to have a secondary layer of glazing. From increasing your property’s value to keeping your house a bit warmer in the winter and can reduce condensation. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of contacting a double glazing company and start upgrading your windows.

A bit warmer in the winter

Not only double glazing your window will give you two layers of glass, but they also have an air gap between each window piece. Thanks to the air gap, you will enjoy a good heat retention, noise reduction, as well as thermal performance. It also keeps draughts at bay.

If you use single-glazed windows, you will be losing at least 50% of the heat because it will get lost in the glaze and through the gaps where the sealant come off. It can end up leaving your house, making it colder in the winter, unless you will turn your heater on full-swing day and night. It will increase your electric bill and sometimes even full-swing heater is not enough.

However, if you are using double glazed windows that have air gaps between two window panes, most of the heat inside your house will be retained due to the extra layer of glass. It means that the heat which is lost when you have single-paned windows will have difficulty traveling through the double-glazed window, and most of it will stay inside your home, giving you and your family warm in the chilly winter months.

Save money on energy bills

Not only you and your family will be warm going into the winter months using double glazing windows, but you will also save money on your energy bills because you will not use your electric heater that much. Your house will retain more heat and reduce the need for radiators to be used day in, day out.

Your new double-glazed window can save you at least $100 a year on energy bills. It is not only good for your budget, but it is also good for the environment.

A bit cooler in the summer

One of the most common misconceptions, when you are using double glazing windows, is that I will make your house warmer during the summer months, just like they do during the winter months. Not only it is not true; it’s far from reality.

Aside from keeping your home more comfortable during the winter, double glazing windows will also make your house comfortable during the hot summer days, but instead of making it warmer, it will keep you cool instead. Double glazing the window serves as an insulator for your home against both ends of extreme temperature.

It incorporates a barrier against the outside and the inside of your home, making it more comfortable inside whether it is hot or cold outside. But there’s always a limit on how many window panes you can before this does not stand true. It seems the two is the limit.

According to research, triple glazed window panes can make your home in the summer. So, for places with a warmer climate, it is always recommended to use double glazed window all year round for good result.

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It adds additional security for your family

One of the essential parts when owning a house is its security and safety of the people living inside. Traditionally, single-paned window frames are less secured compared to double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are difficult to break into.

Not only you will save the contents of your home from intruders, but you also protect your home insurance too. Secondary windows add an extra layer of protection to your double glazing. You can fit it with sprung catch locks that can fasten automatically as your window closes.

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