Luxury Bathroom Options to Add to Your Home

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Renovating is a great way to do an upgrade on one of the most critical and personal spaces in the home – the bathroom. Besides going for a different colour palette, there are other ways to improve your bathroom to give it that much-needed improvement from dull and ordinary to flashy and luxurious. Though one of the smaller rooms in a home, it has one of the most complicated processes in renovating as it deals with changing concrete, cast iron, and even the cleaning of plaster and the placement of drainage pipes.

It’s never an easy task to do, but it is one that is refreshing to see at the end of the day. Here are a few options to improve your bathroom the next time you schedule a bathroom makeover.

Versatile flooring

What better way to have a luxury bathroom than combining aesthetics with convenience. Bathroom spaces converted into wet rooms may be difficult to imagine at first. Since the necessary renovations require waterproofing the walls and the flooring, it’ll make itmore accessible to clean as wet rooms make use of either an upper layer of tile and a sub-floor for drainage or angled floor space for a more seamless flow of water.

If you’re not a fan of wet and cold flooring in the winter season, you could install rugs in your bathroom space. But going the extra mile would be having under floor heating installed by your tile installer below the flooring which can be programmed through a thermostat. You can set it up to be warm when you wake up, so you won’t have to suffer the cold when waking up in the winter season.

Understand your space

One of the most critical aspects of the bathroom is its layout. As much as possible, you shouldn’t have to reconstruct too much of the original space, as it’ll cost you way too much in remaking it from the ground up. Knowing just how much toilet space and bath space you’ll need is essential when it comes to renovating.

A bathtub adds variety regarding the room’s geometry and layout. A freestanding bath is great to have with a spacious bathroom. Since it can be reoriented depending on the closest water valve, it can practically be placed anywhere in the room close to a wall.

Having a clear vision of how to make the most of your space won’t just save on your expenses but will also make sure that you don’t add too much or too little but end up giving your bathroom more character than it had before.

Dealing with fixtures

Knowing where to place your accents is a great way to improve your bathroom’s look without spending too much on construction. Framed pictures and light fixtures can make your bathroom feel like your own space as an extension of your bedroom. Learn to match your frame colours with your tile designs to have a uniform look throughout the bathroom area.