Tips for Living a Rustic Life


While it may not be possible for you to totally unplug from the realities of modern living, there are some steps you can take to live a somewhat more rustic and vintage lifestyle. Check out some of the following ideas for how to feel a bit more like you’re in the days of your ancestors and less like you’re heading toward the days when robots rule the world.

Dig a Well

If you truly want to feel more self-reliant in life, maybe it’s time you dug a well in your yard instead of paying the city for water on a monthly basis. You can hire a Tampa well drilling company to help you get started on this endeavor. Don’t let the idea intimidate you; just think about how great it will feel to know your water is coming directly from your property. 

Plant a Vegetable Garden

There are so many choices when it comes to what type of food you can buy at the grocery store. To an extent this is amazing, but if it overwhelms you or makes you nervous about pesticides on your food, then maybe you should just plant your own! It can be an incredibly rewarding experience to walk into your backyard vegetable garden to pick the zucchini you grew from seeds to cook in your dinner. While you may not have quite as many options available, you will know exactly how your food was grown and can feel a sense of ownership and pride over it!

Learn to Sew

Teaching yourself to sew requires far less upheaval from your normal life than other options. People have sewn their own clothing for thousands of years, so how great will it be to feel connected to that history? If your pants rip, you can simply repair them instead of buying a new pair! You can even sew curtains, napkins, and more.

To rely less on modern conveniences, you can dig a well, plant your own food, and learn to sew.

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