Top Tips for What Not to Do in Court


Going to court is never a pleasant thing, whether you are simply a witness or you are the defendant in a case. If you are a defendant, you should never try to handle your own case, but you should call on the attorneys Spring Hill FL residents use for assistance. In addition to doing what your lawyer tells you, here are the top things you shouldn’t do when headed to court.

Don’t Be Rehearsed

When you are giving your testimony, it is very important that you use your own words and keep from sounding like you have memorized a script. The more you sound like a robot and rehearsed, the less convincing you will be to the judge and the jury. You need to speak clearly, but be relaxed and yourself when up on the stand. Be prepared to answer certain questions and know what you will say, but make sure it sounds natural.

Don’t Spout Off

It may be tempting to tell everyone you know what you think about the case. You may also be tempted to get on social media and proclaim your innocence or side of the story. You are not to talk about the case with anyone. Your behavior outside of the trial and the courtroom can have a significant impact on the outcome of the trial if someone were to hear or see what you have said or done.

Don’t Stretch the Truth

It will be very important that you only speak the truth that you know. Don’t try to guess about a detail or stretch the truth into a more elaborate or convincing sounding story. Make concise statements and don’t respond with something that is overly broad or generalized.

How you handle yourself on the stand will have an impact on your credibility. What you do outside of the courtroom also matters. Be sure to listen carefully to the advice and instructions of your attorney.

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