Difference Between Roof Replacement and Restoration


It doesn’t matter where your company is, because sometimes you have to make quick decisions based on things that surround you. Creating a long-term success is challenging work that requires finishing numerous things for your company.

However, if you are in a hurry all the time, you will enter the point where you’ll start making mistakes. Most home and company owners neglect the idea that they have to think about roof until it reaches the point where you have to do something about it.

If your roof is too old, or if you’ve noticed leakage points, you’re probably thinking to find roofing companies near me, to start roof replacement. However, you should have in mind that replacement is capital investment and expense, so if you can postpone it, we recommend you to do it.

Sometimes, replacement is the sole option, which is the point when you have to do it. Also, the technology advancements in the roofing industry brought the possibility of roof restoration, which is much cheaper than replacement.

Restoration or Replacement: Which One To Choose?

Roof restoration is a great alternative to expensive replacement process, especially if there is no need for overall change. The idea is to restore your roof to its best condition through repairs, cleaning and installing roofing materials over damaged shingles

After restoration, you will notice that your roof will appear cleaner and increase the value of building you have. It is a way better solution because it doesn’t require stripping off your entire roof, but just decorating and repairing missing shingles and prolonging life for at least ten years.

Disadvantages Of Roof Replacement

First and most important consideration and drawback of roof replacement is a high price tag that you will have to pay for it. At the same time, it will disrupt your business activities and tenants. That is why most home and store owners decide to avoid it until it reaches the point where replacement is the only choice left.

Everything depends on the size of your roof, but the replacement is a way better solution because it will last much shorter than replacement. According to most contractors, replacement lasts at taking approximately two weeks or more depending on the size of the roof.

To learn more about roof replacement costs, you can by clicking here.

Apart from these disadvantages, roof replacement is bad for the environment, because it contributes to making more waste, which is why it is not an eco-friendly choice.

Of course, there are cases, when roof cannot qualify for restoration, due to significant damage. Therefore, it is important to call professional contractors and create a comprehensive analysis of your current roof situation.

They will use specialized equipment that will locate problems and analyze whether it is possible to resolve them. In case that your roof has multiple damages, the best solution that you can do is to replace everything. First, wait for the evaluation and try to do everything before you make a capital decision.

Why Choose Roof Restoration Service?

  1. Additional Protection Against Weather Elements

If you have a worn-out and old roof, then your building is prone to ice formation, water infiltration and heat loss due to cracks and puncture. Choosing roof restoration, will give you the possibility to handle and fix existing leaks with the ability to cover your roof with durable and weatherproof materials that will protect your house against snow, hail, rain, and sun.

You will be able to utilize your roof by adding Tri-Thermal roofing material, which is a combination of spray polyurethane foam and flat rubber roof. These materials will protect your house against weather conditions, and you will get a watertight, durable and energy-efficient seal that will protect your building for years that will come.

  1. Less Hassle

We have mentioned above that roof restoration doesn’t require removal of roofing materials you have. Of course, contractors will replace damaged parts, but it is way better and faster solution that will save you more time and money than replacement.

Some people worry because restoration means adding more weight to the existing roof. You don’t have to worry, because professionals will remove unnecessary weight, which means that you will get a roof that will last for next decade at least.

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